Why is this a Game?

Women throughout history have been minor characters in the stories and myths authored by men who have cast women with character flaws that have distorted their power and purpose. That is why I created The Decade Game® which I have been playing since I was 8. The Decade Game offers a road map for women to write a new story for themselves and rediscover their destiny.

“By doing so, women will rewrite both history and the future.”

Women ask me this all the time. Accomplished women have filled their life with plans and projects.  Goals, lists, to-dos, deadlines.   It’s hard work to manage all the balls and commitments that you have made to so many.  Women have told me that it is hard to think about the next ten years when they are thinking about what has to be done in the next ten minutes.   We believe that women at all ages and stages want more YET think they will get it by just giving more. Their muscles for naming and asking for what THEY desire and need are underdeveloped.  And their time frames for what they want are short. They overestimate what they can get done in a year and underestimate what they can get done in a decade.

Play is a different energy.  Play brings out people's greatest creativity, imagination and reduces their fear of losing.  Play is about experimentation and imagination.  The Move is not the game.  And there is no such thing as a wrong move in the Decade Game.  It is a learning experience of how to play the game better. Your game. The one that you MOST desire for your life.  The more challenging a game - the more fun it is to play, even when it is hard, sweaty, tearful work.  And if your life is not fun and feeling full of meaning, then you are most likely playing by someone else's rules.


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