The Decade Game® Axiom #1

The Decade Game® is an invitation to create a life by design not by default. What does that really mean and why is that important for everyone, but especially women these days?

Women throughout history have been minor characters in the stories and myths authored by men who have cast women with character flaws that have distorted their power and purpose. In a man’s world, women who embrace their power and step into their most fulfilling purpose are forced to balance on a narrow and swaying tightrope. History and convention force them to mirror the footsteps of men, constraining and restraining their creativity, individuality, and grace. We follow the storylines we’ve been given, which are almost exclusively ancient “hero” archetypes and women have learned that they challenge these scripts at their peril.

However, according to Joseph Campbell, the great mythologist who identified the monomyth of the Hero’s Journey, the story of humanity needs to be rewritten…“[We are in] a period of free fall into the future….And that is the whole sense (in mythological terms) of the present challenge: we are the “ancestors” of an age to come, the unwitting generators of its supporting myths, the mythic models that will inspire its lives.”

Our world is desperate for women to step up and offer their unique contributions to what they care most about. Our #metoo moment has opened an important door, but too often shames men and casts women as victims. Women need a fresh and strategic framework that inspires them to dream big with practical steps to propel them forward.

For us to be the great ancestors of an age to come, we women need to put aside the self-limiting fears of letting people down, of not being loved, of not being perfect, of not being enough. We need the clarity and confidence to say “NO” to the game that was designed to have us dream big yet play small. We need to be equipped with the tools of a great game designer, so that we can play a game of our own design.

We have all the assets necessary today – tangible and intangible – to have a life of meaning and purpose. And we are in control of the design parameters, no one else. We can be the master designers able to create our own personal design and iterate towards the best fit of both today’s realities and tomorrow’s dreams.

By doing so, women will rewrite both our history and the future.


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