The Decade Game® Axiom #2

Last week I wrote that we have created axioms to guide your play of the Decade Game®. These axioms constitute some of the new rules to live by. I shared Axiom #1: Create a Life By Design, Not Default. Many people have asked me “what is design thinking?” Put simply, design thinking is an intuitive, imaginative and systemic methodology used to solve complex problems with the end user and their end in mind. Good design creates magical outcomes.

This week I want to share our Decade Game® axiom #2: Practice thoughtful wishing instead of wishful thinking.

Many people can fall captive to living in the past "I shoulda, woulda, coulda" or in the future "I really wish…" but aren't willing to take committed action for that desire. That is wishful thinking. And we all know people, me included, that can fall into a scarcity mindset from time to time, longing for what we lack, for the things we have lost or shall never find. Not enough time, not enough love, not enough luck, not enough of enough. Wishing for what we don’t have or didn’t receive or what might have been offers little save the sour satisfaction of victimhood, martyrdom and regret – in other words, wishful thinking. Fantasizing about a meaningful future, without taking responsibility for a meaningful present is also wishful and lazy thinking.

On the other hand, the reality is that whether we are resource-rich or resource-poor, we have all the tangible and intangible assets in hand to live a life of meaning, purpose and gratitude. We can shift from a scarcity mindset to a mindset of sufficiency in an instant by following the daily (and if necessary, hourly) practice of “wanting what you have, doing what you can, and being who you are”. This is the practice of thoughtful wishing which grounds you in the present of the present.

A key element to stay grounded is defining what does give you the most meaning and how you find a glimmer of that based on what is in your control. This is where the Decade Game® comes in. The unique design of your Decade Game has magical powers because it is powered by your wildest dreams about how you can build a meaningful life one day at a time if you were fully liberated from the past. It is not a linear progression from where you are now to some promised future. Instead your imagined future comes alive in an immediate reality as you put hope into action to get “here from there”. You create an action or make a decision that transports a little of the star-stuff of dreams to decisions you can take tomorrow. Wishful thinking becomes thoughtful wishing. And unlike wishful thinking, thoughtful wishes always come true.


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