The Decade Game® Axiom #4

There are 12 axioms that guide how to play the Decade Game®. These axioms constitute some of the new rules to live by in order to design the best decade of your life, so far. Two weeks ago, I shared axiom #3:  You can’t get there from here, but you can get here from there. 

Our Decade Game® axiom #4 is: There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.

We can imagine a compelling decade destination and build a blueprint to guide our choices. However, we have no idea what the real itinerary will be. What happens when trap doors open and plans have to change? Often our most important breakthrough happens only after an unplanned break down. We can blame it on mother nature, force majeure, bad luck, inclement circumstances beyond our control. Or we can change our clothes, our attitudes, and our understanding of the underlying problem, and repack appropriately with our destination firmly in our hearts.

I learned this axiom early as I designed my Decade Game for the Twenties. I majored in Russian at Georgetown University with my heart set on being hired by the Chase Manhattan Bank, the first major US bank with an operation in the Soviet Union. Based on my impeccable I was invited, all expenses paid, to a full day of interviews at the Park Ave, NYC headquarters. The only vexing question was “What to wear?” Without any mentors, I picked what I felt was the ideal power suit. The centerpiece was a suede red and black patchwork midi skirt which paired perfectly with my knee-high, black suede lace-up boots. The finishing touch was a skin-tight black satin “come-hither” top. Thus attired, I entered the sea of gray flannel - - and didn’t get the job.

Determined to get to the Soviet Union, I was accepted into a special assignment with the U.S. Foreign Service to be stationed in the Soviet Union to “tell America’s story” talking to 10,000 Soviet citizens daily who visited our exhibition on life in America. Dressed iun diplomatic garb, it was a dream job that changed my life. I returned to New York to attend Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business and was recruited by Citibank to join their International Bank. In my first month at Citibank, in the fall of 1977, I met my first husband, Mike, also a Citi-banker, and we were married in 1978. Two bankers, riding off into the sunset, in our matching grey three-piece suits.

The Decade Game is designed for plot twists. There are no wrong moves, only the next best moves. Suiting up for an epic life, attaching yourself to possibilities, not outcomes, you can weather any storm.

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