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Have you ever wondered...

  • how to channel power, purpose and privilege into the best expression of yourself?

  • how to invest all you've done into the best decade of your life so far?

  • how to harvest both your triumphs and your traumas into a lasting legacy?

If so, then you’re ready to play

The Decade Game®.

What people are saying

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The Decade Game® is a brilliant way to engage with creating an empowering and powerful future and vision for your life. With many approaches available for doing this, the created future can seem like a mere hoped-for, but unlikely pipe dream. Not so here! The vision becomes palpable, alive, and breathing, and begins to alter how you see and experience your every-day present. All of a sudden you find yourself naturally making choices that lead toward the new future—engaging in new practices, having different conversations, putting unexpected and exciting things in your calendar, all of which are easy, effortless steps to fulfilling your vision. The Decade Game® is truly a transformative experience—and one that happens with ease and grace.   

Debbie King, Principal and Owner, Transformational Leadership Partners

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"Whose game am I playing?  The answer had rarely been clear, and was too often "not mine.”  The Decade Game® has focused my power, streamlined my thinking, and solidified my vision and intentions.  I now know who I am, where I am going, and find the path unfurling before me in surprising  ways that I am ready  to fully engage with.  It is hard work made fun, deep work made pleasurable, and transformation made sustainable. To bring your light, rock this world, and create a  mindblowing future -- get in the game!"

Tiffany Vara, Social Activist and Philanthropist

The Decade Game® offered me the opportunity to dive deep, dream big, assess wisely, and set clear intentions about the direction of my life. It’s such a brilliant way to sort through one’s own resources, desires, and networks to get really clear about what makes your soul sing! What I love in particular is that this practice isn’t about a specific destination, but very much about a clear direction that is matched with the type of guidance that leads you to well-thought out intentions. As a result of my Decade Game® practice, I’m better oriented toward my desires and am enjoying a clarity about the actions that are in alignment with those desires, and which ones are not. This might be called the Decade Game®, but in so many ways, it feels like where you go to stop playing games and start playing BIG. - - Akilah Richards, Author, Organizer, Podcaster

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