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Carolyn Buck Luce

Carolyn is a gifted strategist, teacher  and executive coach who has spent her career building highly effective cultures, businesses, teams and leaders.  She has been a leader concurrently in both the private and public/non-profit sectors for the last four decades. Carolyn created and started playing the Decade Game® when she was 8.  Diplomat, Wall Street Banker, Management Consultant, Healthcare Futurist, Talent Innovator, Professor, Author, Philanthropist, Executive Coach, Mother, Wife, Grandmother – Carolyn’s life journey has focused on helping courageous leaders make the difference they dream of.  Her most recent endeavor is as the co-designer and co-leader of the Remarkable Women’s Journey, a six-month intensive coaching program for some of the most remarkable women today in business, civic society and philanthropy.

Tina Staley

Tina Staley is a highly accomplished author, therapist, clinical researcher, and a gifted

communicator. She has dedicated her life to creating a more kind and productive world. Her vast experience and success spans almost three decades in the public and private sectors, and has led to partnerships with top organizations such as U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command; American

Cancer; Duke Cancer Institute; the Colorado State Government; Boys & Girls Club; PBS

World; The Aspen Institute, and more. Tina has created innovative psychosocial support programs for organizations nationwide, including her work as the founder of Pathfinders; one of the most successful cancer support services on the western slope of Colorado. Tina's research includes countless research articles and presentations throughout the world. She authored the award-winning book Living Fully, Dying Well. Today, she leads her Kindness in Action workshops nationwide, and co-leads an innovative program “The Decade Game®”: Creating a life by design, not default. Tina runs a successful private counseling practice and meets with clients both in-person and virtually.

Lisa DeCarlo

Lisa is a dynamic leader with boundless energy that brings teams together, and inspires them to achieve beyond their imagination. She has spent over 20 years as a catalyst for change, building and transforming a wide range of complex businesses.  In 2017 she made the leap from intrapreneurship to entrepreneurship, founding Just Go LLC, to leverage her many years of experience in corporate america, philanthropic and volunteer roles,  coaching/mentoring, and global travel adventures. Lisa is passionate about connecting people, business and technology and her success was built on her ability to connect the dots.



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