The Decade Game® is life altering in every way. It inspired me to take a whole new level of responsibility for my life. Standing in a decade from now getting “here from there” rather than "there from here" changed my whole framing, outlook and perspective from a tenuous “Can I..???” to a powerful “I already have…”.  The process is spectacular, empowering, clarifying and incredibly effective. I recommend it to anyone of any age or any stage of life. Go for it. It will not just change your life--- it will empower you to create it!

 - Lynne Twist, Author of “The Soul of Money”, President, The Soul of Money Institute, Co-founder, Pachamama Alliance


The Decade Game® is truly for everyone. Entrepreneurs, young professionals, seasoned corporate managers, leaders, parents and artists alike. The Decade Game® is one of the most powerful tools you can implement in  your work, your life and your journey. If you are serious about living into your fullest potential this is the next essential Step towards actualizing your purpose. - Tasha Moffitt, Executive Producer, The Wahl Group Inc.

The Decade Game® was a game changer for me. Looking ten years into my future was exhilarating! I noted what I was passionate about: health, healing, science, learning, working with people who have a common purpose and The Decade Game® brought many of my passions and interests into focus and alignment. I now have a vision of my future and a minimal plan which leaves space for magic to happen.  - Cheryl Buck, Cancer anthropologist​

 The Decade Game® is a one-of-a-kind intellectual, emotional, spiritual deep dive that superpowers your innate gifts. With compassion and empathy, Carolyn deftly leads you on a soulful journey of self-inquiry that results in the creation of your own powerful, personal Decade Game® - where you design the future of your dreams and then you make it happen. It is a game where everyone wins and it is brilliant fun to play.  - Kim Morton, Artist and Philanthropist


As a high-performing woman of color, I never quite realized how much my “inherited” limiting beliefs were getting in the way of my dreams. Carolyn’s Decade Game® has a magical way of getting straight to the Truth of our soul’s desire. Playing the Decade Game® has helped me confront the internal roadblocks and resistance to creating the big life that I am meant to live. It has also showed me that it can be deliciously fun to design our own unique and powerful imprint on the World.         - Vanessa Bradley, Investor and Philanthropist

When I first became aware of The Decade Game® I assumed it was another strategy for setting goals and rekindling a new sense of motivation for ones life.  I couldn't have been more mistaken.  It is another dimension beyond that.   What Carolyn has created is nothing short of genius.  It is in a league of its own.  To be able to actually articulate why I am on this earth, with a specificity that I hadn't realized was possible, has changed how I look at everything.  And that was just step number one!   If you are venturing into The Decade Game®, prepare to be awed by what emerges from within you.  I promise you will never be the same. - Hilary Larson, Media Producer


Ten years from now, what life or world-changing transformations could you catalyze with your superpowers if you were not afraid? Through her Decade Game®, Carolyn Buck-Luce applies her evolving shamanic wisdom to help us declare what we stand for and design a dynamic roadmap to make it happen. This work is profoundly altering my own professional and personal destination. - Teri Riddle, CEO, The Crossland Group



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